Friday, October 22, 2010


Gosh, has it really been two months since I last posted. Well I can honestly say that the past two months have been jammed packed with multiple blessings. The kids began yet another year of school at St. Henry. All of them have wonderfully gifted teachers. We are also blessed that they all have wonderful circles of friends. I fearfully started my 3rd semester of nursing school, in OB/peds. I look to graduate in May, May 14, 2011 to be exact.

Other happenings, I got a job at Baptist Hospital as a Nurse Extern. It is only PRN, so I just work when I can, which isn't very often. The job has definitely been a blessing. It has also been a challenge. I hate to leave the family any more than I already do, but it must be done. John and I take a team approach while raising our family. We both do as much as we can to help. I also received a job at The St. Cecilia Mother House. I work in their infirmary on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday night. This is hardly a job, this is a complete and total blessing. I have already learned so much from them. The Sister's examples are something I will always remember. What gifts they all are to our community.

Another blessing is a personal one, I guess. It is just something I have had on my mind lately. I will graduate in May (MAY 14, 2011, TO BE EXACT, did I say that already?), and then I will be an RN after I pass the NCLEX, but why do I want to be a Nurse, and what does being a Nurse mean? The closer we get to graduating, I hear mostly about all of the money making opportunities, and how students want to go on to get their BSN, and then their MSN and so on, because, "It's more money!" I just do not see nursing that way. Granted, the money helps, but if your in it for the money? Please get out now! I believe Nursing is about service to others. It is about the patient laying the bed, at your mercy. I want to be a Nurse, first of all because I believe God wants me to, and secondly because I will be able to touch others in a unique way, when they are most vulnerable. I feel so blessed that God has chosen me to be a part of this profession. I know He chose me, because otherwise it would have never happened. Getting to where I am today has been an act of God, and nothing short of a miracle. Even when I have questioned this journey, He has been quick to respond with an ever so gentle pat on the back and nudge to move forward.

So what does this have to do with Natural Family Planning? I don't know, but I wanted to share. However, I will share this snippet about NFP.
People! We have got to start appreciating and taking a closer look at the marvelous creation of woman. A man is fertile all the time, but a woman has a very intricate physiology, which works through a process, lasting several, several days. She has ups and downs of hormones, all of which create a physiological  response, and in the end, or the middle rather, an egg is produced, and if it by chance(not really a chance) meets up with a sperm (1 of about 50 that actually make it to the egg) a human is created. An unrepeatable, uniquely created, human being. For this to happen at all, it must occur within a 100 hour window of time. How miraculous that this event ever happens at all, or that has happened to John and I 6 times.

We not only have to appreciate what woman does, but also that she needs man to procreate. And in this moment of creation, husband and wife are closer to God that at any other time. They come together and physically add the parts necessary to make the baby, but it is God who at the very same time, infuses the soul into this new human being. So all 3 together make 1. AMAZING!! We have to share this, and we have to live this!

People wonder, what does the Church mean when It says we must always be open to life? Precisely that. During every marital act, we must understand that God wants in, even when a child is not being created. With our intellect, will, and formed conscience, we mutually decide with our spouse when to abstain and when not to. Artificial birth control, or sterilization, not only remove this mentality, but it also blocks God from the marital act. This is not good, and this is what the Church is protecting us from.

Thank you to The Church, for your love and protection of Your people. May we grow to know Your love and be thankful for it!!

God Bless,

You do not want to miss this.

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